4Eck I 4 Gastro GbR - more then a restaurant

In the beginning we were four. And our philosophy in the planning year before founding 4 Gastro GbR and opening our 4Eck was that it should be more than “just a restaurant”. We wanted to create a base that would become the starting point for the passions of every one of us. A solid foundation for a network in which we support each other and have time to be creative and give each other freedom. At the same time, we were aware – and we were reminded again and again – that it’s good to have a plan, but life laughs at it. So over the years that the 4Eck has been around, there have always been changes, but if we look at our business plan from back then, a lot of it has actually materialized.

This is what we become:

Kerstin Schumann Ishizuka 4 Consulting & Innovation

After a few successful projects, Kerstin has developed a passion for project planning. She will continue on this path, currently two new objects are “on hold” and she is already looking forward to the new challenges. Business consulting and coaching are still part of her portfolio, but supporting hotels and restaurants with their expertise in planning is her passion. Kerstin is the equal owner of 4Ecks (4 Gastro GbR) together with Uschi.

Logo 4 Consulting & Innovation

Uschi Glas 4 weddings & events

Uschi has meanwhile also realized her dream: after an extreme “dry spell” during Corona, the wedding market is now booming more than ever and she commutes between Switzerland, Austria and Italy and takes a gondola across Germany to support her bridal couples. From time to time, small weddings also take place in the home base, at the 4Eck, which always gives her particular pleasure, as it unites her two passions, her own restaurant and getting married in the mountains. Uschi is the equal owner of 4Ecks (4 Gastro GbR) with Kerstin.

Logos 4 weddings & events

Uschi Glas 4 Gin & Drinks

The Horsebox Bar, a mobile event bar, is part of 4 weddings & events. It is rented out for weddings, birthdays and company celebrations, and has its appearance at street festivals or at the cocktail night at home in the 4Eck. Frederik Nagies supports Uschi in the creative development of signature drinks and without Marcus Herbst, the bar team leader, and the technician Michael (Uschi’s husband), the whole thing would never have been possible.

Logo Horsebox bar

Frederik Nagies 4 Graphic & Design

Frederik wasn’t part of the 4Eck team right from the start, he actually only had a brief guest appearance. Through his friendship with Peter Laffin, he stumbled more or less by accident into the service team of the 4Eck for a few weeks as a fire brigade. We recognized his potential: creative, ambitious, inquisitive and all kinds of graphic design and online programming seemed to have been instilled in him. Nevertheless, he loves his job as an F&B manager and has a special passion for the bar. He has now left Garmisch-Partenkirchen for the next step up the career ladder – but with his own company as a bonus. And we are happy about his creative support for all aspects of the 4Eck marketing and of course 4 weddings & events.

4 Graphic & Design

Peter Laffin 4 Hospitality & Drinks (inactive)

Peter was one of the original four. In the planning phase, however, he withdrew from the project for personal reasons, but later found his way back to Garmisch-Partenkirchen and founded 4 Hospitality & Drinks here. At first he was extremely successful with it, then Corona came and with it all orders were lost. He decided to support us in the 4Eck during this difficult time and to deregister the company for the time being. This win-win situation turned out to be a stroke of luck and even after there has been a return to normal, Peter is a valuable support for us, which we will miss very much when he leaves us in autumn to return to his home town Rostock. But who knows what else we’ll hear from him.

4 Hospitaltiy & Drinks

4Eck – the Homebase

No place like home. We always like to come back here, some of our offices are on the first floor of the 4Eck. The 4Eck is where our team is, who has our backs, where the coffee machine is always running and where we welcome our guests in the “living room”. The 4Eck has become so much more than just a restaurant. With the secret garden, it is a place of well-being, not only for us, but for everyone who wants to visit us, be it for food and drink, for a wedding meeting or for coaching.

It keeps going...

We look forward to what’s to come and remain open to new players and cogs. Our team in the 4Eck also has its own personal passions and ideas. For example, we are looking forward to more cooking classes with Jörg, private cooking, small caterings, Uschi’s first “mocktail dinner” with an alcohol-free cocktail to accompany a 4-corner menu by Jörg, the next cocktail night with ideas from Frederik and Peter and much more . The 4Eck allows a lot for all of us – but definitely no standing still.

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