KARO - the different work space in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Besondere Tagungs- und Eventlocations Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Are you planning a conference in Garmisch-Partenkirchen? Join our conference room KARO – creative work space Original 4Eck. In addition to our restaurant on the ground floor, there is also an event and conference room on the first floor at Klammstrasse 8 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The KARO at the 4Eck not only has a separate entrance but also  a small, cozy foyer for receptions or coffee breaks. The room is flooded with light (but can also be darkened with roller blinds) and can be used for small wedding parties, birthdays, lunches or dinners as well as for conferences, lectures or creative group work. Our in-house events with business partners also take place here, such as: B. Whiskey dinner, craft beer menu or hand lettering workshops.

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Conference rates

KARO conference package

KARO conference package

  • welcome coffee & pretzels
  • room rental fee
  • conference equipment (beamer, screen, flipchart, pin board)
  • 2 coffee breaks “sweet & salty” before and after lunch in the KARO foyer or outdoor area (in summer)
  • lunch at the 4Eck restaurant (choice of different meals + salad), 1 non-alcoholic drink included
  • conference beverages
Price: 99 € p. p., tax included



Room rental fee per day, cleaning included, without catering (9 am – 5 pm)
Preis: 750 € (tax included)

Technical support

by Alpin Convention

Alpin Convention is a reliable partner to us for modern conference equipment and special effords like hybrid seminars.

The flexible room design and interieur gives you a great space for individual events. The square-shaped vintage wood tables are usable single for teamworks but even a set-up with a large dinner table for about 20 guests is possible. The cosy leather arm chairs invite to work relaxed or feel comfortable during a long dinner. The wall paintings are the total opposite to the 4Eck restaurant downstairs: Fresh, happy colours from blue to yellow and hot pink make a playful atmosphere, combined with a special illumination. Young and modern but even very cosy. The big wall shelf is not only for decoration, you will also find there some surprises for creative working like books, newspapers, toys and crafting stuff. The daylight room with wooden floor has two screens as well as a beamer and even the foyer can be used for a welcome coffee, coffee breaks during the day, brunch buffet or reception. The 4Eck team motto is written on the wall: ONE TEAM, ONE DREAM!

Creativity needs space

Figures, data, facts

  • room size 57 sqm
  • room height 2,40 m
  • 8 single tables á 80 x 80 cm
  • furthermore banquet tables are available
  • 5 windows with blinds to darken the room
  • 2 screens, beamer
  • foyer as working space or for coffee breaks and receptions
  • bathroom separate from the restaurant
  • cosy leather and velvet arm chairs


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