FINALLY! The Cocktail Nights go on! Some might still remember the summer and winter cocktail nights 2019 and 2020. We were asked again and again if we could repeat it – but Corona and the associated conditions cancelled our plans over and over again. Now the time has finally come: The next Summer Cocktail Night 4.0, in the 4ECKs restaurant Garmisch-Partenkirchen secret garden, will take place on July 29th, 2022. Are you in?

2022/07/29 17:00:00

The cocktail nights story

Old and new friends

In the past, Uschi Glas (one of the two owners of the 4Eck, event manager and wedding planner) and Peter Laffin, then in his function as F&B manager, initiated cocktail nights at various locations in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. There was always a special motto, but the tenor was the same “by friends, for friends, with friends”. Bartender friends of Peter travelled from the Baltic Sea to the mountains to support us, later Vivian and Niels from WNDRLX I Pure Resort Pitztal in Tirol came on board and Frederik Nagies, a young, talented F&B manager with a passion for the bar, completed the crew. Not to forget the entire team at the Horsebox Bar with team leader Marcus Herbst. Together we live the saying “Team work makes the dream work”. Tradition is not the worship of the ashes, but the passing on of the fire “The CocktailNights in summer and winter were so fantastic that it was totally clear that there would be more sequels,” say Uschi Glas and Peter Laffin. This time at the 4Ecks Restaurant Garmisch-Partenkirchen secret garden, Klammstraße 8, where you have a view to the Wetterstein Mountains and the church tower of Garmisch. And the 4Eck team is particularly pleased that the DJs Christoph Thalmaier and Georg Kössler spontaneously gave their promise again – without them there is simply no real party at the 4Eck!

Friendship across borders

Peter Laffin is now an integral part of the 4Eck and his passion for the bar, especially for gin, is known to many. He is also responsible – together with Marcus Herbst – for the Horseboxbar, which can be booked for events of all kinds – private as well as for companies. Frederik Nagies has meanwhile left the Werdenfelser Land and pitched his tents, both professionally and privately, on the Baltic Sea. But the friendship remains and will remain and one or the other idea from him will certainly enrich the cocktail night again – if everything goes as planned, he will also be there himself. The sea – source of ideas for the very first cocktail night and home of Peter Laffin – will probably continue to play a role in the future. Let yourself be surprised what else we are planning for the summer cocktail night. Save the date!

Let the evening beGIN

Admission to the Summer Cocktail Night 4.0 is from 5 p.m. in the large, idyllic courtyard of the 4Eck. It is perfectly equipped for a garden party with sun loungers, garden furniture, parasols, cozy blankets and cushions, lanterns and fairy lights. The DJs Chris Thalmaier and Georg Kössler are responsible for the right mood – old CocktailNacht tradition ;)! Reservations are now possible online via OpenTable. In addition to finger food, the first two cocktails or long drinks of your choice are included in the ticket price. The famous “Horsebox-Bar – 4 Gin & Drinks” of the 4Ecks is also at the start that evening.

Anything but standard

As always at the 4Eck there will be surprises. To give you a little taste of what will come the night of July 29, here some appetizers. Subjects might change, because once the 4Ecks creative team is running EVERYTHING is possible…

Cocktailnacht 4Eck 2022
Cocktailnacht 4Eck 2022
Cocktailnacht 4Eck 2022
Cocktailnacht 4Eck 2022

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